Tips and Tricks

  • Makes double click in a table row to watch columns detail.
  • Invite a friend and to start sharing IoT Data between you.
  • To disappear small right menu bar just make hover it.
  • "Last Date" vs "Date Time" fields. Last Time is stamp time that put the devices. Date Time is the stamp time when the data was received for
  • Configure the time of the system message that you receive at the beginning of the page to makes these longer in time or does not disappear until you'll wish.  here.
  • Take a look in the right bottom corner and you will see your interaction with the server 
  • Click in  at the top menu to watch the last system messages.
Easyberry LAB
Understanding Credentials

There is 2 credential types.

  1. Credential to login in Easyberry-Iot web interface.
  2. Credential to login and upload data from a device (gateway, programmable devices)

Credential to login in Easyberry-Iot web interface is the user al password that you used when you register the first time in and is unique. This is a master user and it can’t used as a device’s credential, only for login in the website.

Credential to login and upload data from a device is a user and password that it is create for the master user (see above) in the in  Start>My Resources page. You can create a user for all your devices or you can use one for each devices that you have.

Shared Resource

You can share you own resource (“Things”) that you already had been configured in Easyberry-IoT with other users.

If you want that any other user of Easyberry IoT platform could see some of your data, you could you that sharing this resource.

Follow the next step to share resource.

  1. Invite the user to makes friend in Easyberry-Iot
  2. Once your friend accept the invitation you could see him in your panel to share resource. (see How to makes a friend i Easyberry IoT ) .
  3. Shared the resource in tables resources.


To use the LAB you must open the LAP page with your browser in incognito mode or use another device.